Alexton has proven experience and success in the Federal as well as the Private Sector. Our company is based on the understanding of the requirements of our clients' capital, technical, logistical requirements, and future plans. With complete understanding of your expectations, we develop solutions that are both technically advanced as well as functionally efficient.

Key Advantage

Powerhouse – Our IT employees and consultants are trained and must have multiple IT skill sets. This is why Alexton is so valuable to our customers. Being able to understand the complete issue, while applying a well rounded solution is a must. This can only be done with someone who has multiple skill sets.

Cost Effective

Due to our multiple skilled trained Employees, we are able to provide a knowledge pool based on experience but at 30 - 50% below solution cost of other companies. We believe that business and information technology work side by side. Understanding this allows us to deliver technology solutions in the best possible way. Alexton Incorporated has proven expertise to address any technology solutions.

Our Services Include:
Oracle, SAP, Hyperion and PeopleSoft Consultants
Financial Management and Monitoring Software
Application systems for ASP-services
Business process automation tools
CRM software systems
ECommerce applications
Internet communication software for workgroups
Intranet and Extranet solutions
Software for handheld devices
Web content and data management systems