Why work for Alexton

At Alexton, we believe in rewarding employees for doing great work. In addition to competitive pay, we are proud to offer a comprehensive benefits packages. This package includes healthcare and life insurance for the individual, 401K, and training opportunities.


Our healthcare plans give you access to health prevention services, high quality physicians, dentists, mental health counselors, vision services, hospitals, prescription drugs and security against the high cost of medical care in the event of serious illness or injury.

Vacation and Sick Leave for qualified employees.


401K – Access from the Internet
We enable participants to access their 401K account information and an array of educational materials from any computer with Internet access.

Life Insurance
Alexton provides each employee with a group life insurance option.

Employee or New Business Referral Programs
Cash awards may be given to current employees for recruiting new employees or new business.

Idea Incentive Awards
Alexton encourages employees to submit ideas which could save the company money or increase efficiency.

Direct Deposit/Payroll
We offer Direct Deposit to your bank account. The option is there to enter work hours via Internet anywhere in the world.