Case Studies

Developed the Road to Financial Integrity, Financial Internal Control and real-time monitoring.

Alexton has developed the “Road to Financial Data Integrity” process utilizing their Financial and Budget Internal Control Application. This process combines Financials Statements, Financial Transactions, Treasury guideline, Analysis and Reporting for Federal financials and ERP systems. This process has been used at multiple agencies for complete data integrity and agencies from Red/Yellow to a Green Status!


We were brought in by an organization that received a 22 million reduction. With Alexton’s process, we were able to get their budget restored.

Alexton Incorporated has developed robust auditing solutions that have allowed us to assist our clients in capturing and rectifying costly mistakes that have saved billions of dollars while positively impacting the bottom lines of our clients.


The Alexton business philosophy is one that says that the relationship between business and information technology can truly serve to enhance the client’s business model. With this thought in mind, Alexton has developed a broad suite of business services that address the emerging information technology needs of today’s business environments including data warehousing, networking, ERP/CRM tools, programming and database design.


Alexton has an extensive background serving and managing the needs for providing these organizations with SAP, Oracle, and financial solutions. Over the course of their relationship, Alexton has deployed solutions that have resulted in the identification and correction of major financial discrepancies. In addition, Alexton was instrumental in developing a more efficient data reporting structure as well as ongoing training programs developed to maintain the integrity of the financial data once it had been restored.

Led and Designed projects for Software Development, Web Application/Portal, and Computer Security. Identified areas where Software would increase security, real-time Data and 24×7 Computer Support.

“Working with another company, made it possible to synchronize servers around the world. This allowed Soldiers, Civilians and more to search sites no matter wherever they are and get an answer in less than 10 seconds. These answers lead to very immediate decisions which need to be made in battle or research. This was all done by with Top Secret information and making sure the portal and application were at the highest rating of the security.”

Supported an Information Resource Management Organization we Assisted with Software Applications, Web Application Development, 508 Compliance and Technical Evaluation of their current systems.

Many Organizations have solutions in place. Some of these solutions have been either in place for many years or newly designed. One of our missions has been to evaluate these solutions to research if this solution is cost effective for the company. As well as assist with modifications to the existing solution.

Alexton Incorporated has completed this for a well-known fortune 500 organization and Federal government. We have Identified Computer or Software related issues and concerns which new technologies could assist. This solution saved millions of dollars while increasing the performance and security of the data.

Developer of full-lifecycle projects and System applications. Developed Database models and Developed client-server applications. Implemented strategies and solutions for business problems based on client requirements. A leader in the design, analysis, support, maintenance of applications and implementations.

Working for the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Agency lead to the successful development of a Crisis Management Application. This project involved the completion of an application that could be used to retrieve data from multiple locations into one central database. Allow and track a national incident on a real-time basis to support queries and decision making by top officials. As a user inputs information, this is presented to top officials in Cars, Email, Faxes, Cellphone, Office Phone, Web and more.