Our dedicated Alexton team of cleared qualified and experienced facilities, logistics and janitorial employees, will always respond swiftly and are more than capable of exceeding your expectations. We have a large reach of nation-wide staff at the ready for any shift, including weekends and holidays. With our Alexton satellite offices throughout the country, we have the ability to respond to your requests with local staff to cover every aspect of contract fulfillment. 


Alexton offers a new-fashioned approach to supporting our customers for their Facilities contracts. We have mastered the trend of software as a platform that enhances our response time, pre-prep and training. This in-turn provides swift service for both inside and outside of the buildings we support, which improves safety, production, and efficiency. From EHS to building and grounds maintenance to making sure the surrounding environment is in a consistent suitable condition to work, Alexton is on the job.


Whether you require Logistics support for your warehouse/distribution centers, organize transportation, document invoices, and payments, oversee the storage, and track movement of goods, Alexton will ensure your products reach their destinations safely, securely, and promptly.


Our Janitorial/Cleaning specialists has developed a preventative approach and decontamination protocol to counter the COVID-19 virus. From an area that has been exposed, or to be pro-active with preventive actions, our experienced technicians, utilizing PPEs, top-level disinfectants, and thorough wipe downs will leave you to rest assured that your environment is safe.

Our Services Include: