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At Alexton, we want our employees to work to live and not live to work, so we reward our team with competitive pay and a top- tier comprehensive benefit package.

Alexton team member health is paramount to us.  We don’t discriminate against employees with disabilities or health conditions, and we do everything possible to help our team to stay healthy.  Alexton provides group health insurance, including medical, dental, and vision to all eligible employees.  Another fantastic perk of these benefits is that Alexton pays for half of all team members’ medical benefit costs!  Our insurance package covers doctor fees, prescriptions, lab services, physicals, etc.  Alexton’s group insurance also has top-notch wellness plans available for mental and physical health needs, such as confidential therapy referrals and fitness plans for all of your health needs. 

When accidents or severe health concerns occur, we want our employees to have the ability to stay financially afloat during difficult times  and focus on their recovery and not on disability costs.  To ensure this, Alexton pays for 100% of Alexton team members’ short/long term disability and life insurance premiums.

One of the most powerful ways for employees to maximize their income and keep their money growing is through a 401 (k) plan and Alexton offers just that as well as matching eligible employees’ contributions.  Through Alexton’s 401 (k) benefit, team members always have access to make investment changes and are able to view how their contributions are performing in today’s market. 

  • Alexton has a fantastic referral program where cash rewards are given for referring candidates that transition into employees
  • Eligible Alexton team members also receive paid time off, including all Federal holidays
  • Alexton’s payroll system allows all of our team members to enter their time and preferred payment information electronically via computer or cell phone from anywhere in the world!
  • Alexton has a robust referral program where cash rewards are given for new work leading to an award for our company
  • Incentives for excellent work recognized by our client
  • Flexible Hours
  • Remote or work from home options
  • Company parties for employees and their families
  • Stipends for employee development related to work
  • Sponsored travel to industry conferences
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